Asymptotic Outtakes, Rarities and B(e)Sides

There is a spiritual principle of food that does not apply to just food that is eaten.  Impressions are also taken in and processed, becoming part of ourselves, which is why it’s so important to maintain a good mental ‘diet’.  Consider AI art.  It radiates a ghastly aura of unreality leaving the viewer initially interested in some way, even if it’s just to laugh at its oddness, but after it’s been ingested the viewer starts to feel queasy, perhaps getting unwanted imagery recurring at random in the same way that after you’ve eaten something, its memory comes back to haunt you as a prelude to vomiting it out.  Its images are devoid of analogue surface noise, and without that texturing it’s arsenic-sweet creepily poisonous.

As westerners are with food diets, so they tend to be with all other aspects of their culture, constantly adjusting and using and applying and re-applying to the ever-changing evanescent, built-on-sand egoic pseudo-self, but it’s better to be Taoist and gradually effect change through kind firmness and committed, persistent self-compassion over time rather than this aggressive all-or-nothing that leads to cycling and ultimately failure/worsening.  And where is this hard-edged, on-off cycling coming from?  Why are we all constantly getting so caught up in it?


Look at the state of the natural world – everywhere there are the pollutant fingerprints of human activity.  Unfortunately rather than face up to the deeper truths as to why this might be so, the left in particular has turned to criticising capitalism instead of the deeper, truer causes, resumably because of the way left politics was hitched to reductionist materialism in earlier centuries, and the way this identification has become stabilised.  Again, metaphysics matters.  Materialism (in its various meanings) cuts us off from our connection to eternity and nothing rooted in its thin, shallow soil will stay alive in the long run.


It can feel a little dangerous to be talking about how rubbish the West is at a time when proto-fascism seems to be kindling all around.   It must be made clear here however that the true depths of what we need to reconnect have also been taken over by the fake version.  Hence the awfulness of the alt right, which only exists because of a bunch of privileged yahoos barged in and took over.  Their shtick is the near-enemy version of the real thing, an adolescent parody, trolling in real life.  And in accordance with the parody dialectic, it uses surface attractiveness to draw people in to something not so attractive after all.  So we have ‘traditionalism’ that’s nothing of the sort, instead presenting as a Satanic parody of what we truly, desperately need to rediscover our way in this world, replacing it with sentimental guff.  It’s worth pointing out here that supposed arch traditionalist René Guenon repeatedly warned about ‘fundamentalist reactions’ and the falsity of what he called ‘sentimentalism’ (with regard to Western thought), which in his sense refers to giving a primacy of place to sentiment rather than (though also including) sentimentalism as currently understood.  Fascism and the alt right in general rely on people not noticing or even knowing this, while it pushes ‘sentimentalities’ to do with mere custom (which it mislabels ‘tradition’) in order to get people emotionally riled up over its carefully confected button-pushing falsities, which form part of a profoundly dark process that in itself is anti-human.

The arrogance of naïve physicalists over spiritual matters is eerily akin to that of the first European explorers to India belittling the ‘idolatory’ of depictions of deities with numerous arms and feet – there’s a catastrophic arrogance-based failure to even be able to try to consider the realities of ‘spiritual’ truths.  Hence orientialism.  Indeed the whole Western concept of naïve physicalism acts as a colonising force when it encounters the numinous per se, not just with regard to Eastern thought.  But we all nonetheless have access to the numinous as part of our human birthright.  This isn’t to suggest nixing the whole Western project – but it is to suggest, or rather demand that it does not come at the unwarranted, unjustified price of arrogantly and wrongly imposing naïve physicality on humanity.  There are deep reasons why this idea festered and took hold in the middle and upper classes.  And this is why working class ‘spirituality’ is so profoundly important.  The world is a place of growth even if the middle and upper classes have appropriated this idea, and once you acknowledge this truth, it would appear that the working classes could have a deeper and truer insight into that growth precisely because they’re more grounded, if only they hadn’t been missold dodgy metaphysics along with everybody else.


IMcG points out that a hallmark of LH activity is overconfidence.  It takes things apart but doesn’t know how to put them together again.  It also implements too rapidly.  Hence CFCs, DDT, etc, all brought in as supposed boons to mankind, before serious problems became manifest a few decades later.  Supposedly we know that this time we won’t be overconfident in our implementation of science, but how do we know that?  In principle we cannot.  We have to wait and see.   In the ‘Think Fast’ episode of Father Ted there’s a leak in the parochial house so they decide to hold a raffle to raise funds, with the main prize being a car.   But when they get the car, Fr Dougal notices a small dent in the bonnet, so Ted puts another dent next to it to somehow balance it out, but that creates another dent…  And the car ends up a complete wreck.  This is the West right now with its amazing much-feted science – putting a dent (in nature, in people’s bodies, in people’s minds) here, another dent there that makes it worse, so another corrective dent then a compensatory dent, and another dent to even that out, which in turn creates another dent… We’re at the stage now where Ted sits bolt upright in bed in the middle of the night and screams when he realises what he’s done…


Regarding that curious coincidence between mass industrialisation, ‘Atheism’, the oppression of the working class and the proliferation of pollution.  The idea seems to have taken hold that it’s actually capitalism that’s the problem.  Sort that out and all will be well.  But Marxism is designed specifically to create an illusion of freedom inside the materialist prison – a prison where in line with materialist thinking free will is apparently an illusion. 

Let’s not be so facile – ‘capitalism is bad therefore everything bad in the world can be solved by solving capitalism’ doesn’t go deep enough and betrays a profound lack of understanding of where we’re actually at right now.  If a magic wand was waved and everybody had a decent wage and could do what they want, they’d want the usual distinctly ‘mixed’ stuff associated with humans, and they’d get into conflicts everywhere, and the natural world would continue to pay a heavy price as due to the ‘machinations’ of ego, everybody would simultaneously agree that ‘something must be done’ while also stipulating ‘but by somebody else’.   It’s sentimental tosh to believe otherwise.  This is far beyond politics.  It’s about a foundational state out of which may manifest politics, culture, art, philosophy…  Capitalism may (or may not) be running out of steam but no ‘solution’ coming from unbalanced solve will, or can, work.  And note how so many people agree capitalism is wrong in so many ways but can’t come up with a workable solution.  They are working within certain extremely limited parameters of thinking whereby to explain how something works is somehow to explain it.  You can always spot scientistic thinking as it arises from this approach – precisely because scientistic thought is this kind of thought.  We study living beings either by killing them, vivisecting them, or by observing their outer behaviours and trying to put them into human contexts.  The RH, coagula approach is primary, which means the return of the numinous, the restoration, the keeping the LH on a leash and indeed training it so it can be of true service.

And don’t think that this is to approve of capitalism, either – its problems are deadly serious and multiplying.  But the solution will never come from within a foundationally faulty mindset.  As the working class (along with everybody else of course) have been marinaded in physicalist lies, the discourse seems like it can only exist within that worldview, a worldview that dooms us all.  (See Welcome to the New Boss.)


It’s better to turn our attention round and use the state of nature, the environment on which we depend for our lives, as the ultimate gauge of where our scientific thought is.  It must be, as if nature breaks down, we’re done for.  Therefore nature takes first place.  To take feedback from nature as something we use to adjust our way of living on this earth would surely be the right approach, as it would in principle stop us from overriding nature with our scientific ‘advances’ and thus wrecking it, but to do so would inevitably lead us to the numinous, to the ‘spiritual’ – and this has become verboten, something to be scoffed at and if it really won’t go away, minimised and secularised even though to do so it to lead to huge problems down the line as it’s ultimately untameable.  Nature’s slapback is currently becoming ever clearer.  But to change our approach, to make it more Taoist as it were, is currently impossible.  This is perhaps the greatest Asymptote – we’re coming up against a hard, in principle kickback that we can never overcome and which will instead become ever harder precisely because of our insanely overbalanced LH-dominant culture.  Bring science, and indeed society, back under the aegis of the right hemisphere way of thinking-living-being, and we can perhaps just start to set our course aright.


Although science progresses via intuition, intuition in this case only works with data.  But data are restricted, so scientific intuition can only give scientific results, i.e. limited…

It’s possible to feel a certain unease that deep down inside us, there is something caged there, our intuition under the cosh, caged, only fed an  incomplete diet, struggling to get free, to live properly…


Compare Hegel and his ‘spirit’.  This is what happens when pure egoic intellect tries to address this mysterious issue.  To use Scott D Caputo’s arresting simile, Hegel’s talons grab religion and kill it. Again the asymptote, although with Hegel the Spirit is frozen and entombed in a vast monument of cold dead pure thought.  Spirit inherently moves, inherently lives, so it will never successfully stretch onto a procrustean bed of pure intellect as intellect can’t understand movement/time due to its inherent freezing nature (hence cold hard reason).  A symptom of Parkinsons is freezing.  Now this Parkinsons of the spirit is visible, a sure sign that a civilisation is getting old and tired, starting to misfunction at a deep, primal level.  Saturn’s crushing becomes ever more noticeable.


Why the asymptote exists – the contrast between the unified and the enumerated is a false duality, only existing in egoic intellect.  The more things are enumerated, the further away they get from unity, but without attaining anything of their own other than ever more minute particle-isation.


The initial flourishing of the LH in Western civilisation has become excessive, blossoming into a rampant proliferation.  It is quite common to read articles saying that every generation has always thought this, but the curious thing is that this is presented as some kid of answer when it’s nothing of the sort.  ‘We can’t concentrate these days, but neither could monks in the middle ages’ – oh well that’s alright then!  Every generation thinks things are unprecedentedly bad, but given the nightmare of history this appears to be true – things have indeed been deteriorating where it actually matters for millennia.  In addition, a brief look at the state of the environment should shut those arguments up.  It’s Western science that’s responsible for this – if you think this isn’t true, look for evidence to the contrary.  Yes science is good – when it’s actually ethically good and doesn’t come with unforeseen circumstances that make things worse – but it’s also a necessary ingredient in planet-wide environmental destruction, and due to its rejection of the numinous it makes people spiritually sick.  It may, for example, result in the healing or at least remission of cancer, but at the price of telling us we’re ‘really’ meaningless meat machines on a deterministic mission to replicate DNA.  This is a gross abnormality  compared to the worldviews of any other civilisation.  But no other civilisation throughout history never wrecked nature to anything like the extent, or in the pollutant way, the West has managed to.

The path Western civilisation alone has taken over the past few hundred years can be summed up in one word – hubris.  One of the most irritating aspects of the religion of the West, Christianity, is the way it constantly creates an endless succession of doofuses proclaiming that these times really are the End Times no really they are this time, unlike all the other countless times various other doofuses got it wrong.  But the whole point of the story of the boy who cried wolf is that one day the wolf turned up…


To catch the numinous in pure intellect is impossible in principle, but it looks like it isn’t, to the materialism-addled mind.  Satan sold us sweeties, Satan lied.


We look to the outer for explanation, and by so doing thus gradually build up a gauzy cocoon of fake approximations, lifeless concepts.  A misdirection that makes us look ever harder in precisely the 180° wrong direction, until we zero in on brain activity, finally bringing us to the stupefying idea that brain activity ‘is’ consciousness, an idea so ludicrous, but more importantly false, as to mostly create a kind of kickback – but a kickback doomed to fail due to its being contained still within naive physicalism, thus leaving us condemned to wander in the twilight of the cocoon, as it develops ever-burgeoning twilight halls.  Anything other than to ‘look’ in the right direction, as such ‘looking’ requires what seems to be effort due to how badly, and in what way, we’ve been messed up.


Philosophy of consciousness – must import from East as those worldviews (not philosophies in the western sense) inherently carry the deepest possible understandings, understandings that include subjectivity, which automatically comes with a ‘spiritual’ aspect, a numinous aspect.  The West doesn’t like this, or doesn’t find it ‘propre’, so it wrecks this key aspect of Eastern thought, usually by getting science involved.  This is the colonial mindset.  The signs that this mindset always eventually bring about a profound wreckage are very clear now, yet all the West can do is to insist on more of the same.  This is the sickness of the West.  It’s time attention was turned to what secular reductionist Western thought does to Eastern thought, and time it was treated in the same way as the West’s colonial destructions in the outer world.


There is a story told of the Buddha in the forest with his disciples.  And they’re doing the thing most humans are prone to of wondering what it’s all about, where it’s going, is there a God and so on, and the Buddha picks up a handful of dried leaves and gestures to the trees in the forest, and he asks the disciples to consider how many leaves are on those trees and how many are in his hand, and points out that on his journey to enlightenment he learnt a lot of things, and he gestures to the trees, and he also learnt how to achieve liberation, and he shows them the dried leaves in his hand.   It’s more of a Theravada Buddhism thing than a Mahayana Buddhism thing.  But the point here is that to a certain degree all of the ‘spiritual’ has a kind of provisional aspect – do you want to be rescued or not?  Then you do this.  Which requires faith.  In the West we’ve (stupidly) put our faith in science, with its proven track record of hugely mixed results.  This is where ‘rational’ scepticism comes in – it blocks faith.  It has a kind of magical ability to confound us, to blind us, to get us looking in exactly the wrong places, to start wandering about those wrong places as if that’s all there is instead of seeking rescue.  It relies on a non-rational ‘feel’, a kind of self-satisfied, emotionally dead unfounded assumption that we already know the answers.  It is for us to look up, to look within, to turn to the Ultimate.  In Western terms it could be stated as ‘God cannot will us to turn to Him’.  We have to want to make that turn, to realise we can look for help, ourselves.  So the Western ‘project’ is to distract and hypnotise so that we become convinced there’s no point in turning to God, because God doesn’t care (deism) or that there is no God in the first place, or that God should wave a magic wand and start again (which by the way may still be what happens, which isn’t obvious to those who have become convinced this is the only world, which also means those who don’t understand time and eternity, and that there is an interplay between them).  But if you have faith – in the true sense rather than just ‘believing’ words – you will at some point find out it was justified.  Non-dodgy people have gone ahead of you and can help you along.  But you can’t use a kind of intellect-driven machine code as a substitute for taking that leap.  For example, in Vedanta there is the process of sublation, where illusory/wrong ideas are shown to be wrong, but this is taken in stages, bit by bit, as the mind needs to be taken through a process due to being so mired in illusion, and at no point can this process be gone through via mere limited Western logic.  Think of the contrast between the frozen stillness of the LH and the inherently alive, moving aspect of the RH.  Eastern philosophies are all therapeutic in the sense that they all feature a kind of ‘training’ as a guidance out of the maze – compare and contrast with the permanent to-ing and fro-ing and resultless argument of Western philosophy.  That tiresomely energetic futility is the result of a culture that somewhere in the past permitted the egoic intellect to barge in and take over the cultivation of wisdom.  It’s a disaster.  Yet West-thought has spread throughout the world and got its tendrils ever more deeply into ever more widespread non-Western cultures.  And now we have to wonder – does this mean that the West will pull the rest of the world along with it as it heads ever onwards to its implosion?